The Spin Sauce Story

Spin Sauce goes back over 30 years ago to New York City, where an Afghan refugee created the sauce to give the food in his restaurant a little extra flavor. It didn’t take long for the zesty sauce to earn a reputation around the neighborhood.

Pretty soon customers were drizzling it over their salads, dipping their French fries and chicken tenders in it, and even mixing it with their hot sauce for an extra kick! Over the next three decades, the menu expanded, but one thing remained the same — the secret white sauce. When customers started asking to buy it by the bottle, we knew we had something special.

Spin Sauce is the only authentic New York City white sauce available in a bottle today. Our goal is for everyone around the world to be able to enjoy the unique flavor, from our family’s kitchen to yours!

What is Spin Sauce?

Simply put, “spin” in the Pashto language translates to “white,” giving us the multilingual name. Our refreshing, delicious, and tangy dressing is made with only the freshest local ingredients. Spin Sauce adds a delectable twist & zing to salads, grilled meats, fish, and vegetables. Its versatile flavor can be used as a spread on sandwiches as well as burgers .and is the perfect dipping sauce for crudites, chicken fingers, and french fries. Those are just a few to name, there are endless complimenting combinations.